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Burn More Calories

Capsiplex is a proprietary blend containing patent pending Capsicum Extract, Caffeine, Piperine (Black pepper Extract) and Niacin.

The clinically proven, proprietary thermogenic Capsiplex helps increase metabolism before, during and after exercise, helping burn up to 278 more calories cumulatively.*

In addition, just one capsule of Capsiplex contains ingredients to support improved endurance and performance.*

Let’s have a closer look at the ingredients:

Capsicum Extract

As we’ve already explained, this is the powerhouse of the formula. Capsicum Extract reduces appetite, increases metabolism, burns calories, reduces body mass and reduces body fat.

Capsicum will also increase the conversion of calories into heat rather than fat. Thanks to our Beadlet design, the contents of the tablets are released where they need to be for maximum effectiveness and also to ensure your comfort. No burning sensation!

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